Workshop: Digitizing Skill & Competency Management in Healthcare

In two, 45-minute sessions, we’ll explore how digital competency management can benefit clinicians and educators in your hospital.

Workshop: Digitizing Skill & Competency Management in Healthcare

This free online workshop offers participants an overview of the benefits of digitizing clinical competency management.

As part of the workshops, you’ll be provided with a free Xapimed system to try what you have learned.

By the end of the two sessions, participants will be familiar with digital competency management best practices and have experience in setting up and managing a competency system.

Intended Audience: Directors of Nursing Education, Directors of Clinical Practice Development, Nursing Professional Development & Preceptors.

Session 1: What is digital competency management? – 45 Minutes

Drawing on case studies, we look at how healthcare systems use digital competency management to: 

  • Improve the onboarding experience for nursing staff while reducing the time to productivity.
  • Empower nurses to drive their professional development
  • Eliminate manual paper processes for educators with digital workflows
  • Reduce administrative costs and improved compliance reporting

Session 2: Roadmap to digital competency management – 45 Minutes

In this session, we’ll dive into the ‘how’ of using a digital competency system. We’ll take you through the steps to:

  • Plan a flexible competency framework
  • Choose suitable verification methods for competencies
  • Flip the competency model to drive accountability
  • Competency tracking and workforce planning
nurse onboarding checklist

Workshop Hosts

Matt Pham

Matt Pham
Director of Product

Matt’s worked with Xapimed customers & partners to develop competency frameworks for busy hospital systems in the United States and Australia. 

Christina Sandberg

Christina Sandberg
Director of Business Development

Christina works with CNOs and clinical education teams to identify gaps in competency management processes and systems.