Urinary Catheter Insertion

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Urinary Catheter Insertion: Observation

Appropriate indications

Please indicate whether the Physician/Nurse was able to appropriately assess clinical indications for a urinary catheter.

Ensured resident meets appropriate indications for catheter use and documented reason/s.  

Considered alternatives to indwelling urethral catheterization.

Washed hands thoroughly with soap and water or sanitized with an alcohol‐based hand rub before and after catheter insertion or manipulation.

Insertion technique

Please indicate whether the Physician/Nurse performed the insertion technique observing the following protocols.

Used sterile equipment including: sterile gloves, drape, sponges, and appropriate antiseptic solution.

Used aseptic technique to insert catheter. If aseptic technique was broken, the Physician/Nurse replaced catheter and collecting system aseptically with sterile equipment.

Used a single‐use packet of lubricant jelly for insertion for each resident.

Secured catheter to prevent movement and urethral traction.

Catheter maintenance

Please indicate whether the Physician/Nurse performed the following actions to maintain catheter efficacy and safety.

Kept collection bag below level of the bladder at all times.

Checked tubing frequently for kinking.

Checked tubing frequently for kinking.

Emptied the collecting bag regularly.

Maintained a closed‐drainage system.

Catheter care

Please indicate whether the Physician/Nurse maintained perineal hygiene.

Perineal care was performed daily and after each bowel movement.

Catheter removal

Please indicate whether the Physician/Nurse performed the following actions regarding catheter removal.

Assessed resident daily for catheter need.  

Took steps to remove catheter when resident no longer met indications.


Please provide any additional comments or observations.

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