The Impact of Culture on the Nursing Crisis

Interview participants:
Dr. Diane Cannon, DNP, MHA, RN: (Interviewer)
Dr. Pamela Stokes, MHCA, DNP, RN: (Interviewee)

The saying “Nurses eat their young” is not new. Novice nurses have often been treated poorly until they prove themselves worthy of the respect of their more seasoned colleagues. Incivility can create a toxic culture where working conditions are unpleasant and unsafe. Bullying can contribute to nurse burnout, turnover, depression, and even suicide. It can also lead to a lower quality of care. In this impactful interview, Dr. Diane Cannon explores the importance of culture in nursing recruitment, retention, and patient care with Dr. Pam Stokes, Associate Director for Oklahoma State University Health Services.

Dr. Pamela Stokes, MHCA, DNP, RN

Dr. Pamela Stokes, MHCA, DNP, RN is a passionate nursing leader, entrepreneur, educator, consultant, and healthcare subject matter expert with over 20 years of experience. She is a registered nurse by trade and currently serves as an Associate Director for Oklahoma State University Health Services. The majority of her career has been spent in academia in various arenas. She began as an assistant professor or nursing, but now as a student affairs professional, she spends the majority of her time running the campus clinic, leading in collegiate pandemic planning, networking with state and local officials to provide appropriate public health responses, and dedicating her time to the advancement of healthcare through publications and organizational work with national platforms like the American College Health Association. She is a mom of four and passionately believes in life-long learning!

Dr. Diane Cannon, DNP, MHA, RN

Dr. Diane Cannon, DNP, MHA, RN is a nurse educator, entrepreneur, consultant, and visiting professor with over 25 years of clinical experience. She has held numerous leadership positions and has taught undergraduate and graduate-level nursing. Dr. Cannon received a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and master’s degree in Healthcare Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Diane is the Director of Clinical Education and Innovation at Xapimed.

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