17 Ways to Use Xapimed in Your Hospital

From competency management to career pathways and beyond. See how hospitals use Xapimed to develop and retain nursing staff.

Xapimed Datasheet – Key data on Xapimed solutions

Nurse-centered software that increases engagement, retains experience and grows careers.

Digitizing Skills & Competencies Toolkit

Do you need to digitize your comptency framework but don’t know where to start? This toolkit lists the key steps, processes, and resources you’ll need. 

Competency Management and LMS Evaluation Checklist

This checklist will ensure you choose the right competency management system and LMS for your hospital. A complete list of all the requirements for managing a clinical workforce.

Xapimed Product Brochure

Xapimed eradicates time waisting manual processes and gives real-time insights into workforce capabilities.