Paperless Precepting

Free up your educators to focus on what matters most.

Going Paperless is Quicker and Easier than you Think

Switching from paper to Xapimed improves the efficiency of preceptors and their teams. 

All-in-One Solution

All your checklists, procedures, documents, and precepting tasks in one simple-to-use system.

Realtime Reporting

With Xapimed you’ll always know how your nurses are progressing through their competency development journey.

Connects to Your Ecosystem

Xapimed works with organizations’ existing HR & SSO systems to streamline user management. 

Paperless Precepting Demo

This 3-minute demonstration is built just for preceptors. 

Get a Consultation

Let’s talk!  We can jump on a call and discuss

  • How your team can slash admin time
  • What survey day looks like with Xapimed

And anything else about paperless precepting.