Physician/Nurse Patient Interaction: Striving for Patient-Centered Care

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[Competency Checklist] Striving for Patient-Centered Care

Delivering person-centered care is a way to ensure good patient experience and to improve patient outcomes.

Entering the room: respect the patient's space

Entering a patient's space is the first opportunity a physician or nurse has to establish a respectful provider:patient interaction.

The following is a list of patient-centered behavior for 'entering the room'. Please select all of the physician/nurse actions you observe.

Knocked prior to entering?

Waited for response and permission to enter room

Greeted patient by name

Washed hands, upon entering

Shake hands with the patient while making eye contact

Introduce yourself, explaining your role.

During examination: respectful care

Involving the patient as an active participant in their care is an essential pillar of patient-centered practice. The following checklist items outline opportunities for the physician/nurse to provide appropriate care.

Physician/nurse asked for permission to conduct a physical exam?

Physician/nurse explained to patient about any note taking during the interaction.

Physician/nurse encouraged patient to ask questions.

Physician/nurse treated every concern as important.

Physician/nurse used living room language.

Concluding examination: consolidating respectful care

Leaving patients information who to contact, and how, regarding any subsequent questions or requests is an important way to ensure they continue to access the care they need when and as they need it. The following checklist outlines best practice for concluding an examination.

Physician/nurse gave patient a way to contact them with any questions.

Physician/nurse concluded the meeting with thanking patient for choosing [hospital name].

Physician/nurse encouraged the patient to provide feedback (positive and negative) to any members of the treatment team.

Please provide any comments you may have regarding this observation session.

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