How to Run a Nursing Skills Lab with Xapimed

The video shows how to use Xapimed’s group training workflow for running a skills lab. It features an integrated timer for event tracking, enabling efficient debriefs. Facilitators can add comments and complete sessions. When integrated with a Xapimed pathway, nurses can automatically advance in competency, pending clinical floor validation.

Video Transcript

In this video, I’m going to show you how you can use your Xapimed group training workflow to track and run a nursing skills lab.
On the left-hand side, we can see the nurses that are attending this skills lab for this workshop day.
If more nurses attend, we can simply add them to the session.
When I’m ready to start this session, I click the start button.
The group training workflow has an integrated timer so the facilitator can focus on the Skills Lab itself.
Hospitals use this workflow to run Mock Code Blues because when a button is clicked, to record that an event has happened, it is time-stamped. For example, CPR has started, the integrated time record will be available during debriefing.   For example you will be able to see that the CPR has started 15 seconds after the code was called.
As a facilitator, I will just go through, write any comments and then complete this skills lab session.
If you are using the Skills Lab inside a Xapimed pathway, upon completion of this skills lab, the nurse may be automatically awarded level one in the competency. The nurse will now need to have a preceptor validate their competency on the clinical floor.

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