Nursing Research Grants

Supporting research efforts to combat the nursing crisis.

Xapimed Nursing Research Grant

We welcome you to explore the details of the Xapimed Nursing Research Grant. This initiative forms an integral part of our overarching commitment to fortifying the nursing profession and embracing a culture of research with the potential to significantly enhance patient care and outcomes.

This grant offers an opportunity to access our advanced competency management software and data collection tools at no cost, in the pursuit of research-based solutions to the ongoing nursing crisis.

Eligibility Criteria

We openly invite nursing researchers from around the world who are passionate about transforming healthcare. This includes nursing professional development practitioners, educators, students, and thought leaders. We also encourage applications from individuals belonging to underrepresented groups and nations, in our endeavor to promote diversity and inclusivity. Your background or institutional affiliation will not influence our decision. We prioritize your ideas and the potential of your work.

Scope of Research

Our grant program aims to support a diverse range of research projects associated with healthcare innovation. In our mission to alleviate the nursing crisis, we stand ready to support your work on issues such as
• staffing
• onboarding and orientation
• education and training
• professional development
• quality assurance.

Application Procedure

Getting started is a breeze. Just drop us a line with a quick summary of your project idea. After that, we’ll get in touch to set up a chat to delve into the details. This will be a perfect time for you to introduce your team and talk about how our tools could supercharge your research.

We’re genuinely excited about embarking on this transformative journey with you. At Xapimed, we believe in the power of your ideas to make a real difference to the nursing crisis.