NPD’s Journey Towards Digital Transformation

You are invited to join us for a new educational series, “Journey Towards Digital Transformation.” This 8-part series, presented by Dr. Diane Cannon DNP, MHA, RN, will explore the steps necessary to create a digital transformation within your organization. This series is designed specifically for Nursing Professional Development practitioners and educators, and offers insights on the following:

  1. A Digital Transformation Toolkit
  2. How to Build a Business Case
  3. What’s the Difference Between a Learning Management System (LMS) and a Competency Management System (CMS)?
  4. What Does a Digital Skills & Competency Framework Look Like?
  5. The Donna Wright Model – A Deep Dive Into Verification Methods
  6. Digitizing Nursing Workflows:
    1. Transition to Practice
    2. Simulations Using Mock Code Blue
    3. Skills Lab
  7. Career Progression & Collaborative Development Plans
  8. Using a CMS as a Digital Transcript for Survey Readiness