See how Nebraska Med Uses Xapimed for Mock Code Blues.

Mock Code Blue in Action

Xapimed and Nebraska Medicine have partnered to digitize mock code blue training. The collaboration introduces a mobile-friendly tool that integrates with existing systems, streamlining workflows and providing real-time visibility of staffing competencies. Nebraska Medicine has successfully replaced its manual method, improving efficiency and data accuracy.

Video Transcript

“Hello, I’m Dr. Diane Cannon. Today, I want to introduce you to an exciting collaboration between Xapimed and Nebraska Medicine. Together, we have developed a cutting-edge digital tool that revolutionizes mock code blues training. This mobile-friendly solution is easy to use and enhances code blue training at the point of care.

Xapimed seamlessly integrates with Nebraska Medicine’s existing LMS and HR systems.

Nebraska Medicine used to rely on pen, paper, and timers for their mock code blues, which proved to be tedious and challenging to manage. Additionally, the data collected using this method often did not align with staff performance. However, with Xapimed, NPD practitioners now conduct mock code blues twice a year across 80 ambulatory clinics. They can even use the camera on their tablets to record simulations simultaneously.

Xapimed’s versatility is highly appreciated by educators, who can embed standards, link policies and procedures, and manage debriefings directly within the platform. Meanwhile, leaders benefit from receiving valuable reports automatically, directly to their inbox.

By eliminating the need for paper checklists and spreadsheets, Nebraska Medicine has significantly reduced their administrative burden, giving back valuable time to their educators. The feedback from NPD practitioners at Nebraska Medicine has been overwhelmingly positive, with comments such as ‘easier to use,’ ‘user-friendly,’ ‘perfectly timed,’ and ‘collects real-time data.’

To learn more about how Nebraska Medicine partnered with Xapimed to digitize mock code blues, visit our website or watch the accompanying video.”

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