Xapimed Welcomes Dr Diane Cannon

Xapimed Names Director of Clinical Education and Innovation

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – (March 14, 2022) – Xapimed is pleased to introduce the appointment of Dr. Diane Cannon, DNP, as Director of Clinical Education and Innovation with the company. Dr. Cannon has worked as a consultant for Xapimed since October 2021.

In her new role with Xapimed, Dr. Cannon serves as the official representative for the company’s U.S. clients. She continues to provide her expertise in nursing education and work with nursing leaders to develop and scale Xapimed’s clinical competency management software and verification tools.

Dr. Cannon brings a wealth of nursing knowledge to the Xapimed team. She began her career in nursing as an ER nurse technician. She later worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and a Registered Nurse (RN) before transitioning into management roles with several healthcare employers.

She earned her master’s degree in healthcare administration from Oklahoma State University. She later completed her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) with the Kramer School of Nursing in Oklahoma. She formed her own consulting company in 2020, working with several software companies to develop nursing training simulations using virtual reality modules.

From there, Dr. Cannon leveraged her extensive nursing knowledge into curriculum development. Her new trajectory put her in the path of Nick Stephenson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Xapimed. “Nick contacted me and said, hey, here’s what we’re doing,” she said. “I researched them, and they are just the coolest people. I love the trust that they’ve put in me for my expertise. A lot of nurses don’t get that. They don’t feel like they’re valued.”

Dr. Cannon said working with Xapimed has been a breath of fresh air. “They respect what I say and value my opinions. The ultimate goal for me is to improve nursing, not just for nurses in the U.S., but for nurses in the entire world.”

“Dr. Diane Cannon understands the challenges faced by nurses. From clinical support at the bedside to career development and planning” said Stephenson. “Diane is the voice of nursing within our product team and will ensure our software improves the professional lives of nurses and help healthcare organizations nurture their talent.”

Dr. Cannon is the mother of 5 children (3 adults, 2 teenagers). She lives on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma with her husband and two youngest children. She spends most of her time being a baseball, band, and football mom. She also hosts a mom’s group that gets together to do fun activities and just enjoy each other’s company. Connect with Dr. Diane via LinkedIn here

Welcome to the team Dr Diane!

If you would like to chat to Dr. Cannon about your healthcare organization, you can book time with her here.

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