Digital Transformation of the Donna Wright Competency Model

Digitizing Competencies in 4 Steps

Integrating Best Practice with Technology​

With a digital approach to Donna Wright Competency Model, hospitals can swiftly deploy unit specific competencies, empower nurses to drive competency assessment, and ensure that the care team is always equipped with the latest knowledge and techniques, driving excellence in healthcare delivery.

11 Verification Methods

Return demonstrations, tests, evidence of daily work, case studies,  and more.  Provide multiple verification options for nurses and preceptors.

Accountability Based Competencies 

Simple digital tools empower nurses to own their competency development journey. 

Care Team Dashboard

A real-time view of your team’s progress towards selected competencies. 

Donna Wright Verification Methods in Xapimed

Xapimed provides NPD teams with all 11 Donna Wright verification methods. Each competency can have multiple verification methods.

  • Tests
  • Return Demonstrations
  • Evidence of Daily Work
  • Case Studies
  • Exemplars
  • Peer review/feedback
  • Self-assessment
  • Discussion/reflection groups
  • Presentations
  • Mock events/surveys
  • Quality monitors

Demo – Case Study Verification Method

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  • Reduce time to competency
  • Empower nurses to drive their competency development
  • Eliminate wasteful manual processes