Improving nurse retention with stay interviews.

The ongoing shortage of experienced nurses and high turnover rate show no signs of stopping. According to NSI’s 2020 National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report, a clear indicator of the RN staffing crisis is the rising vacancy rate. Currently, this stands at 9% across healthcare organizations and has increased since last year. On

How To Make A Great Nurse Orientation Program

If you have been charged with developing the nursing orientation program for your medical facility, you know it’s a huge undertaking.  This is such a needed and important part of nursing onboarding that many hospitals take 3 days to present the entire program before the nurses can get to work. Fortunately, there are many benefits

Urinary Catheter Insertion

[Clinical Competency Checklist] Observation Checklist for assessing clinical competency for urinary catheter insertion:

Physician/Nurse Patient Interaction: Striving for Patient-Centered Care

[Clinical Competency Checklist] Delivering person-centered care is a way to ensure good patient experience and to improve patient outcomes.

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