Hand Hygiene Audit

Combat hand hygiene audit fatigue by going digital Hand hygiene audits ensure healthcare practitioners follow best practices for preventing the spread of infection. Practicing hand hygiene is a simple and

Nursing Career
Increasing Nursing Career Satisfaction by Nurturing Competency

Nurses are stressed. A study of 50 000 U.S. registered nurses found that among nurses who left their job in 2018, 31.5% did so because of burnout. Before the pandemic, clinical

mock code blue competency checklist
Measure skill development over time with Xapimed

Measure skill development over time with Xapimed Supervisors, L&D professionals, and HR teams all need real-time visibility of their employee’s skills and competencies. But there’s a catch. Developing a skill

healthcare skills matrix
Add Observation Checklists to Your LMS

Few industries face as rigidly regulated standards and as high stakes as healthcare. Of course, regulations are necessary for patient safety. Intense regulation, however, brings the challenge of compliance. To

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Improving nurse retention with stay interviews.

The ongoing shortage of experienced nurses and high turnover rate show no signs of stopping. According to NSI’s 2020 National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report, a clear indicator

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How To Make A Great Nurse Orientation Program

If you have been charged with developing the nursing orientation program for your medical facility, you know it’s a huge undertaking.  This is such a needed and important part of

Mock Code Blue in Action
Improving your Mock Code Blue Program

Introduction Working on improving your code blue training program, from planning through to the mock code blue checklist and debriefing, is vital to ensuring competent staff and the safety of

Xapimed Healthcare LMS Checklist Download
Follow these steps to select the right healthcare LMS for your hospital.

Have you been tasked with choosing an LMS for your hospital and don’t know where to start? Evaluating healthcare LMS platforms is a complex task involving many stakeholders. But with