Attract and Retain top Nurse Talent

As a nurse leader, you are constantly challenged by the impact of limited resources, managing budgets, and ensuring optimal patient care. With nurses in such high demand, healthcare employers need to stand out in the crowd. When it comes to attracting top nursing talent, healthcare employers must be willing to invest in their nurses beyond pizza parties and branded merch. The pandemic has created a workforce paradigm shift where employees are interviewing employers to find the right fit. They want to be a part of an organization that is flexible, innovative, and collaborative, with a culture of shared governance and programs that support their career advancement. But the proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

Don’t just find top nurses. Keep them.

With an average nurse turnover rate of 25.9% in USA hospitals and an average cost of $41,131 USD per RN turnover*, nurse leaders are under pressure to improve job satisfaction. How can you hold on to those new hires and retain your experienced nurses who are so valuable? Nurses leave when they feel unheard and unappreciated. And they don’t stay for sign-on bonuses. They stay for the culture. Retention involves more than talking. Employers must be willing to ‘do’ rather than ‘say’.

‘Walking the walk’ with Xapimed.

Nursing professionals look for employers who ‘get it’. They want to work for an organization that sees them holistically – a person with multiple skills, knowledge, training, education, experience, empathy, caring, and ambition – and actually has processes in place to help them harness their untapped potential.

Technology is not the ‘holy grail’ that fixes the nursing crisis but it should be part of an organization’s strategic toolkit, as a Xapimed client recently said in an interview about their own experience with the platform “the technology is driving the culture”. But the appetite for change must come from a ‘shared governance’ approach between nurse leaders and the nurse workforce with an intent to bring nurses to the table and the technology to support change must be evidence-based, data-driven, user-friendly, and time-saving to be valuable – no nurse is going to want to adopt new technology that is going to make their life harder.

Xapimed is a platform that is developed by nurses for nurses, the customizable software provides ample evidence that an employer is invested in developing their nurses. From upskilling to career pathing to stay interviews, Xapimed can be used in countless ways to enhance workplace culture and nurse job satisfaction.

How to use Xapimed for sustainable growth.

Xapimed’s platform can do more than onboard new employees and keep the skills of existing nursing staff refreshed. Its unique setup lends itself to preventing clinical cognitive overload, increasing employee engagement, and improving nurse retention. The possibilities for its use are limitless. Here are some of the many ways our customers have used the platform to suit their needs:

  • Leaders quickly and easily document competencies of multiple nurses with the tap of a finger.
  • Nurses have their competencies assessed in the moment at the point of care.
  • Leaders are able to better deploy their workforce by having digital access to their employees’ capabilities instead of relying on paper-based systems.
  • Nurses feel empowered to progress in their careers by choosing continuing education opportunities that align with their nursing goals.
  • Nurses boost their confidence and improve their practice by soliciting, documenting, and acting on feedback from preceptors and supervisors.
  • Nurses and leaders eliminate the burden of compliance by using digital audits, real-time guidance, and automated data analytics.

Patient care is a team sport, it takes a lot of people and organization to make it work. Nurse teams need to be connected and collaborating at all times and Xapimed facilitates this using technology.

Ready to find out how Xapimed can help your healthcare organization attract the best nurses? Our head of Clinical Education and Innovation, Dr. Diane Cannon is available to chat over your particular hospital or agency challenges, you can book time with her here. Or reach out to our sales team to schedule your demonstration of the platform.


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