The story behind our on-the-job tech

We had noticed a huge gap in the marketplace. While organizations across dozens of industries had an healthcare learning management system that they were more-or-less satisfied with, they lacked solutions for tracking and managing workplace skills, especially when safety was an issue, or in highly regulated industries. Six years ago, we built the first iteration of our app for on-the-job training.

We soon realized that hospital workers faced the biggest struggles. Making sure that nurses and physicians stay up to date with their skills is critical, and yet nurse educators didn’t have modern time-saving or visibility-enhancing tools. A dedicated application (pre-loaded with the assessments and checklists they needed) was simply unavailable to them. Because they had no application to track training, there was no data for immediate decision-making or long term strategy. Hospital education teams would piece together papers, spreadsheets, and online software that wasn’t built for their unique needs. We also felt emotionally drawn to the problems that hospitals face, because their performance affects lives.

Today, Xapimed is used by dozens of large hospitals across the US, and our mission to give time and valuable insights to educators is growing.

Our mission

We give time and valuable insights to hospital educators, so they can work more closely with nurses and physicians, who can then devote more time to patients.

Here’s what what we help hospitals achieve

Give time back to the people who support clinicians

Save millions of dollars a year in processing paperwork

Provide data insights and innovation to educators

Automate audit trail creation and storage

Meet the team building Xapimed

Nick Stephenson

Jon Roder

Phil Stephenson

Senior Engineer

Senior Engineer

Christina Sandberg
Sales Executive





Give back meaningful time, and gain new insights.

Xapimed is your daily go-to for tracking clinical skills

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Give back meaningful time, and gain new insights.

<h5>Xapimed is your daily go-to for tracking clinical skills</h5>

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