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Track on-the-job training for hospital staff

Digital Skills Matrix

From any device, check the status of every employee for critical skills, if they’re up to date, nearing expiration, failed, etc.

Collaborative Tasks

Nurses and clinicians know exactly what they need to satisfy, and educators know who to assess. Easily manage roles and permissions.

Custom Learning Pathways

Create your own journeys for any skill. Trigger a journey to start and then the right people get notified when it’s time to do assessments or update skills.

Simplified Compliance

Instantly produce training records for joint commission audits. Showcase who’s competent in any one area, and pull up competency for each individual.

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The biggest win is not only the ability to give time back to our nurses, but also the downstream effect of the committees that can now make better decisions using this training data. If there’s an issue that needs to be addressed, you’ll know it sooner, and you can react much quicker.

Frank Pietrantoni
Director Office of Health Professions Education, Nebraska Medicine

Paper problem, meet modern solution

Nursing educators can’t track their essential work

Paper checklists, manual data entry, and iffy audit trails are sapping the performance of nursing educators, who don’t have the insights they need to proactively intervene when nurses are struggling, or to better engage their rising stars.

You have an LMS in place, but when it comes to on-the-job training, your organization lacks visibility and wastes time.

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Xapimed is a proven, trusted solution for on-the-job training

As a learning experience platform, Xapimed provides tools for in-person assessments, cohort orientations, and skills matrix management.

Use Xapimed to track everything in one simple app: skills, employees, assessment tasks, and dates.

Learn how Medstar Health improves Code Blue performance. Get the case study.

Manage on-the-job training for...



Resident Doctor


Physician and Doctor


Add your people

Use unique roles and permissions to dictate who can assess which skills

Add healthcare staff to the skills matrix
custom pathway to develop skills

Customize and create skills​

Automate learning pathways—choose from our templates or create your own

Handle skills observations and on-the-job coaching

Use digital checklists to evaluate task competency and share new skills

Skills observations and skills coaching
skills and competency management screen

Manage competencies

Always know who needs to be assessed, re-assessed, or assisted.

Help nurses and nurse educators see where they can improve

Track individual and cohort progress
Analyze program effectiveness
Discover high and low performers
Improve employee retention

Give back meaningful time, and gain new insights

Xapimed is your daily go-to for tracking clinical skills

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Give back meaningful time, and gain new insights
<h3>Xapimed is your daily go-to for tracking clinical skills

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